Special offer to dentistry and oral surgery patients

Receive treatment for more than EUR 10,000 and enjoy a weekend’s stay in the three- or four-star wellness hotel in Hungary with your partner, free of charge.

Choose any of the following wellness hotels:


Zalakaros, HungaryHotel Karos Spa****superior Zalakaros


Bükfürdő, HungaryHotel Caramell**** Bükfürdő


Sopron, HungaryHotel Fagus**** Sopron


Hévíz, HungaryHotel Europa Fit****superior Hévíz


Szentgotthárd, HungaryGotth'Art Wellness Hotel****superior Szentgotthárd


Sárvár, HungaryPark Inn Hotel**** Sárvár


Bükfürdő, HungaryHunguest Hotel Répce*** Bükfürdő


Bükfürdő, HungaryHunguest Hotel Répce Gold**** Bükfürdő


Tihany, HungaryEcho Residence Luxury Apartment Hotel***** Tihany


Hévíz, HungaryHotel Palace**** Hévíz


Debrecen, HungaryHunguest Hotel Nagyerdő*** Debrecen


Sümeg, HungaryHotel Kapitány**** Sümeg


Balatonalmádi, HungaryHotel Ramada Resort**** Balatonalmádi


Siófok, HungaryHotel Panoráma**** Siófok


Cegléd, HungaryBest Western Wellness Hotel Aquarell**** Cegléd


Sopron, HungaryHotel Sopron**** Sopron


Budapest, HungaryHilton Budapest***** Budapest


Budapest, HungaryHotel Mercure Budapest Metropol**** Budapest


Eger, HungaryHotel Villa Völgy****/*** Eger


Keszthely, HungaryHotel Helikon*** Keszthely


Szeged, HungaryNovotel**** Szeged


Győr, HungaryHotel Ibis*** Győr


Székesfehérvár, HungaryNovotel**** Székesfehérvár


Harkány, HungaryHotel Kager*** Harkány


Kőszeg, HungaryHotel Írottkő*** Kőszeg


Cserkeszőlő, HungaryAqua Lux Wellness Hotel*** Cserkeszőlő


Dentistry and implantology treatment in Hungary

Prices of dental implants

Implant - Alpha Bio 445 €
Abutment - Alpha Bio 155 €
Implant - Nobel Biocare Replace 570 €
Abutment - Nobel Biocare Replace 220 €
Implant - Ankylos 570 €
Abutment - Ankylos 220 €
Implant - Straumann 770 €
Abutment - Straumann 220 €
Implant - Straumann SLAktiv 770 €
Abutment - Straumann SLAktiv 220 €

Budadent Dentistry

Budadent Dentistry Hungary - dr.Gabor Barthos

Dr. Gabor Barthos
dental surgeon, implantologist

dental office

Zenta utca 1. Map »

Consulting hours:

10.00 – 14.00 Monday

15.00 – 18.00 Friday

E-mail: info@budadent.hu

dental office

Kossuth Lajos u. 146 Map »

Consulting hours:

09.00 – 19.00 Tuesday, Wednesday

09.00 – 14.00 Saturday

E-mail: info@budadent.hu